Starting from 10 pieces for each design.
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Every big business starts small.

Working with a selected crowd who see quality as a priority in jewelry, Tulipiece dedicates to providing gold fashion and demi-fine jewelry pieces that are far above average. Our unique and effective cooperative protocol has been encouraging all the clients to strive for their business goal without worry or hesitation.

Jewelry Business Consulting

Jewelry Proudly Made In China

We focus only at end-to-end supply and proudly make every piece of jewelry in the in-house factory, ensuring witnessable quality and sustainability.


We take careful steps to purchase every kind of material to cut down carbon footprint so as to elevate the clients' brand value too.

Fast Turnaround

Made in China means that the average production time is as condensed as 1-2 weeks. Also, DHL/FedEx guarantee delivery in ONE week.

Low MOQs

The abundant trendy jewelry designs in stock allow an MOQ as low as 10 and competitive price(no extra fee for mold making)

Fast Turnaround Premium Jewelry

Choose from our catalog of existing designs with an MOQ of 10, with custom engraving service available. You will find our catalog highly inclusive with birthstone collection, birth flower collection, letter collection, mother of pearl collection, and even more.

Fully Custom Jewelry

Feel free to explore the possibilities of jewelry with Tulipiece’ custom solution, to make your dream jewelry come into real life from scratch..

Completely Custom Jewelry

Bespoke Brand Packaging

Level up your brand recognition and impress your customers with unrivaled unboxing experience! The jewelry box/pouch by Tulipiece allows you to mark your logo on it through gold-stamping and digital printing easily.

Create, Logistics, Deliver

Tulipiece is so much more than quality products. We provide also storage service, enabling shipment in batches, and keeping hold of the rest until your business is ready. Moreover, you can get expert advice on product choice & marketing solutions to lift your margin up to the next level.


A selection of our favourite recent customised necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

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Sorted Out: Birthstones by Month, Color, and Zodiac

Birthstones are interpreted in so many ways, month of birth, color, or zodiac sign. These natural stones are believed to help you express your personality, and also give other people...
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Sorted Out: Birth Flowers by Month, Zodiac, and Meaning

While you might likely know your birthstone and zodiac sign, do you know there is a flower ascribed to your birth month? Along with birthstones and zodiac signs, there are...
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Unveiling the Beauty of Semi-Precious Gemstones: A Guide to Semi Gemstones

Introduction to Semi-Precious Gemstones: What Sets Them Apart Semi-precious gemstones are stones that DO NOT fall in the same category as diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald (they are known as...
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