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Technology that powers the jewelry industry

From manufacturing technology , quality control to testing & inspection, we’ve got everything you need to run a successful and reliable jewelry business, Tulipiece is your all-in-one wholesale jewelry supplier.

Jewelry lab testing.
Tulipiece - setting a new standard.

Every tiny detail matters. Maintaining the highest quality standards in every step ensures that the jewelry pieces you receive from Tulipiece is the best in the market, and we aren’t doing so to create marketing hype.

Our testing goes above and beyond...

so our claims regarding sustainability are well-founded. Every Tulipiece product is tested for the presence of:


Stringent testing & inspecting is incredibly important to us. It means that we can be completely transparent with our sustainability & quality claims, talk confidently about the range of materials and technics present in some of our products, and give the consumer a complete picture of our range. We hope that our commitment to quality allows you to trust us when we say that our products are the best.

The Tuilpiece quadruple testing.

Rigorous testing is a fundamental element of everything we do at Tulipiece. Our commitment to quality is one of our most important goals, so regular testing is crucial to ensure that we uphold our quality assurances. So that we can be sure we are consistently adhering to the high standards that we set ourselves, each of our products undergoes testing at 4 separate stages of its journey.

Our quadruple testing involves:

Chemical Test

Chemical test includes salt spray test and sulfur dioxide test. In salt spray test, the jewelry pieces are subject to 24 hours of continuous spraying of salt solution. As for the sulfur dioxide one, the sample will be put into 10% sulfuric acid for 24 hours. Both tests make sure the products are highly waterproof and sweat proof, preventing corrosion at the highest level.

Vibration Abrasion Test

The vibration abrasion test helps to find out the amount of wear and tear a piece of jewelry can undergo. This test is usually performed on plated products with the help of a grinder, and the time period for the test varies from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the thickness of coating.

Constant Temperature Test

The jewel pieces are subjected to high temperatures for a standard time – if the product is unscathed by the end of this test, then it is certified to have passed the test. Generally, an oven is used for this test. The constant temperature test assesses the ability of the jewelry to withstand high temperature and humidity.

Transportation Test

Transportation test is to ensure that our jewelry stays intact during shipment. The product is placed inside a case and the case is rotated at a speed of 238 times per minute for 60 minutes. This test ensures that the jewelry will remain safe and whole even when put through constant obstacles.

How long last color are Tulipiece products?

Long lasting color and shines means better wearing experience for every one of the customers, and that’s exactly what Tulipice cares about.

To ensure every piece of Tulipiece products appear new and shiny for at least 6 to 12 months, we’ve put extra time into both production and testing process. Half to one whole year means enough time for your customers to fully discover the beauty and styling possibility of the jewelry pieces and at the same time build up confidence and trust on your brand.

The promising thickness of gold plating, vermeil, and gold filling is the first and also the most crucial step to jewelry longevity. We have our words for strict standards on the gold layer thickness base on different techniques chosen by clients.

Comprehensive and detailed testing helps us find out whether the techniques we use really work. It’s only then we are convinced that the finished products are ready for the market.

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