Starting from 10 pieces for each design.
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The sparkling story

Creating good in the world is our driving force, and a story like this needs no polishing. For brands with passion and businesses with ambitions, Tulipiece creates premium jewelry to maximize performance – reduce costs and tighten your collaboration with the entire jewelry supply chain.

behind Tulipiece’s.

Starting with the Pains

The thing is, seeing smaller businesses struggle in the jewelry & accessories market can be really dreadful, and we want to find a way out.
Door-Shutting MOQ

Bulk-buying jewelry from factories or through B2B platforms can be a real challenge for small-scale businesses. What if the designs fail to be a hot sell? What if the shipping time takes too long? Every purchase seems like a leap of faith.

Disheartening Quality

Jewelry & accessories bought from most online platforms can be disappointing with the unsteady quality of each order. Sadly, the flawed products end up piling up in stock, eating up cash flow.

Missed Market Trend

Limited by scale, smaller brands usually skip comprehensive research, which might lead them off the market trend. Meanwhile, design service like bulk engraving is exceptionally hard to find. Logos, signatures, and more unique ideas fail to bloom when no manufacturer offer matching quotes.

The Passion To Empower Small Businesses

“ At Tulipiece, we believe in visualizing our clients’ brands and dreams, giving smaller businesses a chance to steal the show, and those problems above should NOT drag them down.”

We Believe Quality Is The Source Of Life,

And Price Is The Foundation Of Survival.

A look to the future

Tulipiece believes in a future of sustainability, and circularity is our bible. What does circularity mean? At Tulipiece, we think of it as a continuous loop that renews itself, from material and manufacturing to product and recycling. Our vision is to use recycled materials in new products—to close the loop like nature does.


RJC(Responsible Jewelry Council) is the global membership and standards body for responsible jewelry throughout the entire supply chain – from mine to retail. Tulipiece always wants to give the best.

Recycled & Recyclable Materials

Products by Tulipiece are made with mostly recycled metal that can be melted down and used as a new material for many different industries, completing the material’s circulation of life.

Responsible Supply Chain

We want to make sure that we only work with partners who share the same values as we do, and all of our suppliers are expected to minimize their negative impact on the environment and maximize their positive impact on people and communities.

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