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Lavish Jewelry Packaging Wholesale

The final step before setting sail to the jewelry world can be no other but a neatly crafted packaging. The pouches and boxes of innovative materials and designs from Tulipiece help your brand with custom service to create the jewelry boxes and pouches you need.

Lower Cost & Higher Impression

Fine art using gems and premium metals needs custom jewelry packaging, find out the fine-tuned solutions for smaller businesses from Tulipiece.
Brand Personality & Popularity

Show your attitude and brand personality through unique packaging and leave a long-standing first impression on your customers, and make them your fans!

Fast Turnaround & Low MOQ

Enjoy fast and stress-free ordering with ready-made items and a super-low MOQ of 100 to test the water without committing to a large quantity upfront.

Lightweight & Save Costs

The most space-saving and lightest solutions hand-picked by years of experience, which also keep your jewelry well protected. Save your shipping bills to explore more possibilities.

Luxurious Jewelry Box

Rigid paper drawer boxes are perfect to both contain and display your jewelry products with wide color options. They are flat & light enough to save your shipping budget radically & professionally. Don’t forget to decide on the information and logos to print on the sides of the boxes.

Calculated Best Choice for You

Minimalist Jewelry Pouch

Smooth, soft, and velvety microfiber pouches to fully wrap the delicate jewelry to prevent scratches, and to impress your customer with a tender touch. The featherweight and highly portable packaging help to cut mailing expenses and optimize the fulfillment process.

Branded Packaging With Unlimited Options

The entire jewelry packaging solution gives you full freedom of customizing your packaging to your desired result.

1. Size Options
2. Special Finishes

Ultimate Jewelry Packaging Experience

Strategic Packaging Design

Respecting the authenticity of your brand, Tulipiece provides packaging design solution and generate mock-up with your logo on it.

Managed Manufacturing

Existing packaging designs and in-house manufacturing meaning we can be flexible with your brand and produce things with lower MOQs without extra expense.

Hassle Free Logistics

To further streamline your logistic budget, we are happy to hold your extra packaging order in stock for your next jewelry purchase.

Tulipiece Promises

that every single piece of packaging go through scrutiny before shipping. Smart packaging shall level up your brand and hence bring higher income.

Go Green With Sustainably Responsible Jewelry Packaging

Through sustainable practices and innovative, and optimized packaging solutions tailored to your needs, Tulipiece aims to reduce the environmental impact and reduce carbon footprint.

Exact-Sized Packaging

Taking care of the products without extra wrappings, this innovative approach saves space and money for everyone.

Most Effective Mini Art Piece

With the smallest possible size, less ink is used, allowing easier recycle and faster degrading proccess.

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