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Sorted Out: Birth Flowers by Month, Zodiac, and Meaning

While you might likely know your birthstone and zodiac sign, do you know there is a flower ascribed to your birth month? Along with birthstones and zodiac signs, there are flowers for every month of the year. These are pretty easy to know as these flowers bloom during their specific month.

Birth Flowers with their Respective Months
Birth Flowers with their Respective Months

Don’t know what your birth flower is? Use this table to find out exactly what it is and its meaning. The table also contains information about each month’s zodiac sign and birthstone.

MonthZodiac SignBirthstoneBirth FlowerMeaning
JanuaryCapricorn / AquariusGarnetSnowdropAdmiration, love, hope
FebruaryAquarius / PiscesAmethystVioletLove, faithfulness, youth
MarchPisces / AriesAquamarineDaffodilRebirth, new beginnings
AprilAries / TaurusDiamondDaisyPurity, innocence, bliss
MayTaurus / GeminiEmeraldLily of the ValleySweetness, hope, good luck
JuneGemini / CancerPearlRoseHappiness, romance
JulyCancer / LeoRubyLotusPurity, dignity, positivity
AugustLeo / VirgoPeridotPoppyPeace, strength, imagination
SeptemberVirgo / LibraSapphireMorning GloryAffection, resilience
OctoberLibra / ScorpioOpalCosmosCreativity, passion, peace
NovemberScorpio / SagittariusTopaz / CitrineChrysanthemumJoy, honesty, friendship
DecemberSagittarius / CapricornTurquoise / Blue TopazHolly BerryHope, wealth, protection

The History and Origin of Birth Flower

The history and origin of the birth month flower can be dated back to ancient Rome around the time birthdays were first celebrated. The custom at these early days was to decorate the Roman gods’ altars with flowers and give loved ones some flowers as birthday gifts.

This changed in the 18th century when the idea of flowers was introduced in England. It was then that it got its symbolic meaning. However, it took about a century before the Floriography (language of flowers) significance became very popular. Flowers became a thoughtful medium to convey hidden messages to lovers, as every flower had its meaning and this could be used to communicate any emotion without speaking aloud. Basically, it served as a silent way to send a coded message!

Why is the Birth Flower So Important?

Just like birthstones and zodiac signs, birth flowers are another symbolic element used to express each person’s uniqueness and wonderful differences. Their usefulness cut across every aspect of life, including:

  • Birthday Celebrations: Birth flowers can be used as birthday gifts, as well as centerpieces, decorations on cakes, or part of floral arrangement.
  • Personalized Gifts: Birth flowers can be integrated into jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets.
  • Wedding Bouquets and Decorations: Including birth flowers in wedding bouquets and decorations gives additional value and significance to the celebration. The flower can be chosen based on the bride or groom’s birth month, or the wedding month.
  • Commemorative Purposes: Birth flowers can be used to commemorate a child’s birth or to remember and pay respect to loved ones.


Hopefully, you’ve learned about your birth flower, its meaning, as well as the history and importance of birth flowers. Now, share with your family and friends so that they can also learn about their birth flowers.

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