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Necklace Chain Types: Full Collection Guide

Necklace Chain Types

Necklace chains are foundational elements in the world of jewelry. They always come into play whether you prefer a light fashion style or like to make a statement. Their primary function is to enhance one’s look and add more brilliance to every outfit.

But with all the different types available, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one that suits each need and style. Hence, we’ve collated a list of the most common types to help you streamline your selection.

Most Common Chain Types

These are the best necklace chain types and they can be worn alone or with a pendant.

Ball Chain

Also known as bead chain, this type of necklace chain is very popular for its texture and unique pattern. Made up of solid or hollow spheres joined with connector bars, the ball chain is designed to offer a reasonable fluidity. It offers a casual, urban-chic appearance that blends perfectly with small pendants. Ball chains are usually made with inexpensive and easy-to-replace materials.

Box Chain

Also known as book chain or Venetian chain, it has a simple but sturdy design. Composed of interconnected square links with thin profiles, the necklace chain delivers a natural yet distinct visual appeal. Thanks to its simplicity and durability, it can be worn alone or with a pendant since it can handle additional weight. Box chain allows for limitless styling options; it can even be worn with other chains.

Cable Chain

Also called a ring or connector chain, this is the type people have in mind when they think of chains. It is made up of oval or round links that are joined on each side. Its simple design and resistance to wear and tear makes it a popular choice for everyday wear. Some necklace chains like TROMBONE LINK CHAIN and PAPERCLIP CHAIN can be mistaken for cable chains because they look alike. Cable chains can be worn alone or with a pendant.

Curb Chain

This is a type of cable chain but the links are twisted to lay flat and uniform. This process contributes to its versatility and thickness variation. A common form of this is the CUBAN CHAIN, which has more densely grouped links but has more weight than a curb chain of the same length. Another sample is the PARALLEL CHAIN, which is usually used as a foundation for charm bracelets.

Byzantine Chain

Also known as a birdcage chain, this chain type has been around since 300 BC. It has an intricate, tough, and regal design. Just like the name “Byzantine,” which means complicated or ornate, this chain type is best worn without a pendant as it offers a bold presence and makes a statement all on its own. Also, it has a very heavy profile, which makes it unsuitable to string with pendants.

Popcorn Chain

This is a very unique and beautifully textured type of necklace chain. It comes in either round or hollow cup shape links, which are connected in a tubular design, offering reasonable fluidity. The outstanding feature of the popcorn chain is that despite having a thick profile, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time. It’s best worn alone without a pendant.

Rolo Chain

Also known as a Belcher chain, this is a popular type that looks like a cable chain. It has round links that are rounded on the outside but flat on the inside. Rolo chain has a clearly visible design, resulting in a distinctive look. It can be worn alone, paired with other chains, or used with a pendant.

Rope Chain

Rope chain design is often in the form of a natural twist, and it can come in various styles and weights. Typically, it is made up of uniform links that are joined to two other links at the same time. Rope chains are usually made to be sturdy and durable to handle extra hardware, such as pendants. It can be worn alone, serve as layering, or used with a pendant.

Snake Chain

Smooth, sleek, and easy to care for, this chain type is a perfect option for every occasion. Each link is designed to have a thin line in the middle, and when connected, they form a chevron pattern that looks like a snake skin. While it is sometimes mistaken for an omega chain, snake chains are more flexible. It blends perfectly with stones and pendants.

Wheat Chain

Also known as Spiga chain, it has a braided structure that resembles a stalk of wheat, which is why it’s called wheat chain. This type of chain can be rounded or flat, with great flexibility. Wheat chains often come in various profiles and weights. The thicker versions are best worn alone as they offer bold appearance that makes a statement, while the thinner versions can be paired with other chains or used with a pendant.

Popular and Special Types of Chain

Discussed below are three classifications of popular and special chain types.

Tennis Chain

This is a classic chain beautified with a continuous line of diamonds or gemstones. It was named after a tennis hall of fame (Chris Evert) who usually wears a diamond bracelet during games. Tennis chain is popular and special because of its flexibility and dazzling shine it adds to any outfit.

Cuban Chain

This classification of chain originated in Cuba and went worldwide because of its stylish and masculine allure. It is designed with interlocking links in a consistent pattern, making it a preferred option for people who like to make a statement with a touch of sophistication.

Figaro Chain

Originating in Italy, the Figaro chain is characterized by a pattern of flat links connected with smaller round links. It’s generally known for its beauty and timeless appeal. The chain is designed to have three large links followed by one or two smaller links, resulting in a visually appealing style.

Top 3 Most Popular Necklace Chains for Men

  • Rope Chains: These chains are sturdy, rugged, and masculine. They can carry heavy pendants that are usually loved by men. Likewise, they can be worn alone for a simple yet striking appearance.
  • Wheat Chains: Offers a sense of sophistication and complexity, with unique and intricate designs that appeals to men’s masculinity. They serve as a distinctive and stylish accessory that complements any outfit.
  • Curb Chains: These chains have weight and thick profiles, which offers a strong and masculine aesthetic. The symmetrical, interlocking links lie flat on the men’s broad chest, giving a sleek and solid look.

Top 3 Most Popular Necklace Chains for Women

  • Rolo Chains: Rolo chains are delicate and elegant, complementing a feminine appearance. These chains have circular links that are more substantial than other chain designs, and also strike a balance between beauty and durability.
  • Box Chains: Serves as a timeless preferred option for women because of their clean and geometric design. Box chains are also popular among women because they offer a sturdy and secure foundation for displaying gemstones or pendants.
  • Wheat Chains: Considered as a unisex necklace chain, they have intricate and visually appealing designs that offer a touch of elegance and sophistication. Wheat chains serve as an ideal option for a refined and stylish look. 

Key Takeaway

There are several types of necklace chains and each of them have unique characteristics. Some are best suitable for men, while others fit women more. Exploring them helps you decide on the best for your outfit and occasion.

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